Creating space for productive dialogue that achieves your outcomes.
Professional workshop design and facilitation focused on building your team and delivering your outcomes.

As a team leader, you know that not
all meetings are created equal.

Does your team require a crucial conversation in order to move forward? Are you planning a year-end strategy session and need some help with the session design? Do you have an upcoming session where you would rather participate than facilitate?

For meetings like these,
you need a professional facilitator.

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A professional facilitator
bestows three important gifts

The gift of maintaining integrity

A leader who has an interest in the outcome of a discussion and who nevertheless facilitates that discussion puts his or her integrity at risk. Team members are less likely to trust the leader-facilitator’s neutrality.  When an external professional — a true neural third party — facilitates the discussion, a leader can participate in the discussion and represent their point of view with full integrity.

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The gift of focus

Because the facilitator owns the process and agenda, leaders are freed up to focus on the team and the outcomes of the meeting.

The gift of participation

When leaders have an interest in the outcome of the discussion, they need bandwidth to participate rather than facilitate.  An external facilitator gives leaders the mind space to contribute fully to the discussion.

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When you need a professional facilitator, here are three reasons why I am the right choice for your team:

Professional Mindset

I bring a professional facilitation mindset to each engagement.  I am committed to your outcomes, your team, and your success. I am as committed to your success as I am my own.

Extensive Session Design and Facilitation Experience

As leader of The GYM, Procter & Gamble’s Global Innovation Capability, I designed and facilitated over 200 sessions in the areas of team building, organizational design, strategic visioning, and idea generation. I am certified in multiple processes, including the Grove Strategic Visioning Process, Creative Problem Solving, the Basadur Simplexity Process, and the Verus Global Pathways to Leadership Process. I don’t just design and facilitate sessions; I create experiences.

Broad Business Background

I hold a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, a Masters in Controls Engineering, and an MBA. I have 30 years experience as a Professional Engineer, technical master, and business professional in the Machine Tool and Consumer Goods industries.  I understand business, technology, and most of all, teams. You can download my CV here.

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